We help you choose and embed the best technology to make working life better for your people.


We understand technology, people and organisations.

Technology shouldn't get between your organisation and success. That's why we focus on understanding your needs and delivering for you and your people. We design technology which considers and respects the humans who will be using it. And we help your people get the most out of it. 


What we do.

By focusing on the real needs of your people and understanding their current frustrations, we provide solutions that allow your organisation to thrive. 


As Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams specialists, we help maximise your existing investment to improve communication, collaboration and productivity.


Achievement Unlocked.

Unlock real cost and time savings to help your organisation thrive.

Through audits of your kit, surveys of your people, and analysis of your spend, we help you get the best technology has to offer.


Creativity Unleashed.

Unleash your full potential via super smart and efficient collaboration.

By truly understanding the way you want to work, we help you deliver flexible and secure working environments which spark creativity and help you get things done. 


Experience United.

Unite your people to work more effectively, wherever they are.

We will work with you to ensure your people and technology are playing on the same team.


Technology should enable, providing you with the tools and content you need. We are focused on helping you to get the most out of your IT investment. 


We ensure your technology works hard for you and your people.


Our Values.

We built our company upon a set of strong core values and we want to work in a way which reflects these. We believe that's good for us, good for our company and, more importantly, good for our clients. 



We put humans first.

We design technology which respects and considers the humans who will be using it.



We do the right thing.

We are honest, honourable and ethical. We always do the right thing, in all circumstances.



We deliver confidence.

We treat your people and your organisation as if they were our own. We aim for excellence in everything we do.

We are Dave, Akin and Helen - founding Directors at Purify Technology. We have an unwavering focus on delivering a great user experience through effective use of technology that ensures your people remain “front and centre” of everything we do.



A business-minded techie who hates buzzwords and believes in making the world of tech a kinder, more human place.



Sharp-dressed and sharp-minded, Akin is a solution architect who likes finding elegant solutions to complex problems.



Helen loves helping people get the most out of technology almost as much as she loves running in the fells with her dogs.

Who we work with

We help our clients adopt the very best technology to make their organisations more efficient, fun and fulfilling places to work. We purify the technology approach, resulting in happy, fulfilled and productive people.


We want to help organisations provide human-centred IT, that delivers for the people it serves. With five generations in the workforce today, your people vary in their requirements and expectations of IT. Many existing solutions meet very few of these requirements and we want to change that.

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