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Updated: Feb 8

How we provided Coeo with a high-quality meeting experience in their brand new office space, allowing them to showcase their professionalism and expertise within the Microsoft sphere.


Sector: Technology

Solutions: Microsoft Teams Rooms, Purify Meet Managed Service with app

Locations: Reading Key metrics: 3 Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms

1 Boardroom

1 Microsoft Signature Teams Room

1 all-hands/town hall space

Content capture cameras


The Challenge

Coeo wanted to provide a high-quality meeting experience within their brand new office space. As a leading technology company, it is imperative that Coeo’s solution offers an excellent experience for all who are involved in hybrid meetings. Coeo needed spaces which showcased their professionalism and expertise within the Microsoft sphere.


As with all of our Microsoft Teams Meeting Room projects, the first stage involved us surveying each of the rooms across each of the sites, capturing 360º images of each space. These 360º images are key to our design workshops, and we worked with Coeo to explore the best solution for each area using these images for reference.

We were also able to capitalise on the fact that these were new, as yet unfurnished spaces. This allowed us to work with Coeo’s design team and to design off-plan. This meant that we could work with Coeo to define exactly how the space would be used - including furniture options. We were also able to work with the supply chain to create custom mounts, meaning that we were able to supply a Signature room at an extremely competitive price point.

Coeo chose to utilise a Microsoft Signature space to enable better hybrid sales meetings. This space enables their sales force to make a fantastic first impression on their customers. The signature space is based around a bespoke curved desk with a 110" 21:9 projected display which is designed to enhance the Microsoft Front Row experience. Coeo chose to brand this space very effectively to ensure they give a fantastic first impression to customers who they may be meeting for the first time virtually.

The kitchen area is used for effective all-hands and town hall style meetings and operates as a dual space which offers both digital signage and Microsoft Teams Rooms facilities, as and when required. The camera selection and location was key for the kitchen deployment in order to provide presenter tracking to ensure remote attendees get a great experience of all hands meetings.

Once each room was installed, a 360º of each space was captured. These images were used in the customised Coeo instance of Purify’s Teams app ‘Meet’. Accessible via Teams, this app allows Coeo’s people to view the meeting rooms virtually, and to access customised training material which is overlaid on the 360º images. Additionally, users of the rooms can access this content by scanning a QR code which is presented on each screen in each room.

The package/solution

5 Microsoft Teams Rooms solution on 1 site

  • 360º survey

  • Design (including design workshop and engagement with office fit-out design team)

  • Hardware: Yealink Microsoft Teams Rooms, Epson projection, DNP Supernova ALR 21:9 projection screen, Jabra PanaCast 50 Yealink ceiling microphones/JBL in-ceiling speakers, Yealink content capture cameras

  • Implementation

  • Meet app – branded and customised

  • Managed service

  • Purify Teams Room compatible Digital Signage


“When we met Dave (MD, Purify) he took us through the tech and he tried to match our requirements instead of over-selling us a lot of expensive kit we didn’t need.

The project experience was excellent from the design, installation and training. Purify weren’t afraid to tweak the spec to give us exactly what was required. The installation was seamless, and all the cabling was super tidy. They were always available to assist me with any questions or support when I asked.

The Yealink kit while less expensive than other well-known brands, is very reliable and easy to use and it has transformed our meeting room/Teams room experience.

Everything is working well, especially our “Enhanced Teams” room with its 2.7m high-performance screen and wide-angle camera for a true “Front Row” Teams experience.

Our Cloud Café has also been a great success, it has been used for many all-employee Teams calls and is a great multi-functional space with full Teams room kit.

I found all the Purify team highly knowledgeable and great to work with and I would be happy to recommend them.”

- Mike Hawkins, IT Engineer, Coeo


Lady talking on headset using Purify Assist
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