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British Heart Foundation

Updated: Feb 8

Learn how we helped the British Heart Foundation replace their legacy video-conferencing solutions with a modern, intuitive and consistent Microsoft Teams experience across all locations.


Sector: Charity

Solutions: Microsoft Teams Rooms, Purify Rooms Managed Service

Locations: UK-wide Key metrics: 25 Microsoft Teams Rooms across 8 sites


The Challenge

British Heart Foundation had legacy video-conferencing solutions. However, the existing kit wasn’t easy to use and didn’t lend itself to the Teams environment within which British Heart Foundation was operating.


British Heart Foundation wanted a more intuitive, integrated, Microsoft Teams-native experience. There was also a desire to ensure that there was consistency across all of their sites, so that their people used the same kit and had the same experience no matter where they were located.


A particular challenge for British Heart Foundation was the large, divisible room in their London HQ. For this complex space, a solution was needed which would allow the room to function as either a single, large space, or as multiple spaces in a number of combinations. A clean aesthetic which matched the recently redesigned space was also important.


The first stage in the project involved Purify surveying all of the rooms across each of the sites. A key part of our room surveys is the capturing of 360º images of each space, and this was done across all 28 rooms. The 360º images allowed us to discuss the project and requirements in more detail with the project team in collaborative design workshops; these sessions facilitated a more comprehensive understanding of the spaces and what was required of them and offered us the opportunity to discuss options in detail.


At design stage, we also arranged a demonstration day with a range of vendors; this enabled British Heart Foundation to understand the art of the possible and to evaluate the performance of different vendors’ room solutions.


Following the design workshops, 3D blueprint designs were produced and agreed. Yealink were selected as the preferred vendor, due to their comprehensive range of Microsoft Teams Certified solutions. For the complex divisible boardroom space, Yealink kit was supplemented with QSC cameras, speakers and audio processing alongside Sennheiser Team Connect 2 microphones to ensure the optimum experience across all room configurations.


Once each room was installed, a further 360º of each space was captured and customised training material overlaid on these images.  Users of the rooms can access this content ahead of a meeting or by scanning a QR code which is presented on each screen in each room.

The package/solution

25 Microsoft Teams Rooms from Yealink across 8 sites; 1 three-room divisible space.

  • 360º Survey

  • Design (including design workshop and vendor demo)

  • Hardware

  • Implementation

  • Managed service

  • Customised 360º training content


"The Purify team were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and professional. They listened to our business needs, worked tirelessly to provide the end result we required, and provided multiple training sessions after installation so our business was comfortable and capable of using the functionality of the products.

In addition, after installation, a Purify team member came to support our first board meeting to reassure us that help was in hand with any technical issues if required."

- Petra Kauppinen - Technology Project Manager


Lady talking on headset using Purify Assist
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