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5 Reasons to transition from legacy to customer-centric contact centres in the public sector

In today’s digital era, customer support teams in the public sector are entrusted with delivering seamless omnichannel communication experiences. People expect to engage with organisations

through their preferred channels, receiving timely and relevant assistance. However, the challenge lies in legacy customer engagement solutions that underpin these omnichannel systems, often proving inadequate in meeting modern demands.

The challenge of legacy customer engagement solutions

Legacy customer engagement centres in the public sector are often hindered by outdated technologies that lack scalability and seamless integration with modern tech stacks. These legacy systems also suffer from reliability issues, leading to disruptions in communication and hindering people’s ability to reach out to government agencies effectively. Consequently, public sector contact centres face several challenges, including prolonged wait times, high abandonment rates, and low customer satisfaction scores.

Additionally, legacy solutions adversely impact the employee experience, making it difficult for new agents to onboard and restricting the flexibility to customise workflows to meet evolving demands from customers. Fragmented information across disparate systems further complicates service delivery, as agents struggle to access comprehensive data efficiently.

Another significant drawback of legacy systems is the lack of robust reporting mechanisms, limiting contact centres' ability to evaluate performance metrics and address emerging challenges effectively. As public sector organisations expand, legacy solutions become increasingly inadequate, failing to keep pace with evolving requirements.

Introducing a modern approach

Public sector organisations should consider modern customer engagement solutions to enhance team performance and proactively meet citizen needs. Centralising data is crucial for empowering agents to act swiftly and efficiently, armed with comprehensive information about the people they’re engaging with.

To achieve data centralisation, organisations require a solution that seamlessly integrates with their tech stack. A Cloud Contact Centre emerges as a viable solution to address these challenges effectively.

Benefits of a cloud based contact centre solution

  • Minimal user training: Designed for Teams, Anywhere365 minimises the need for extensive user training, enabling agents to adapt quickly to the new technology.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity: Anywhere365 facilitates collaboration and communication across departments, breaking down silos and enhancing efficiency. Agents can provide support from any location, at any time, using various communication channels.

  • Flexible work environment: Omnichannel routing in Anywhere365 allows team members to engage with people through multiple channels, including email, web chat, and social media, catering to diverse preferences.

  • Customizability: Anywhere365 offers customization options to align with the specific needs of public sector organisations, creating channels for different projects, departments, or teams. Additionally, AI-based chatbots can be tailored to address industry-specific requirements.

  • Cost-effective solution: By consolidating communication tools into a single platform, Anywhere365 offers a cost-effective solution for communication and collaboration, maximizing efficiency and reducing expenses.

  • Furthermore, Anywhere365 improves the customer experience by enabling agents to access relevant customer information promptly, leading to faster issue resolution and improved satisfaction levels.

  • Public sector organisations seeking to modernise their contact centre technology and deliver superior customer experiences should consider migrating to Anywhere365. Embracing modern customer-centric contact centres is imperative for meeting the evolving needs of people and driving digital transformation in the public sector.



Looking for more information on what a migration to Anywhere365 could look like? Get in touch with one of our specialists via the link at the top of this page.




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