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Benenden Health

Updated: Feb 8

"Employees are excited and proud to use the new technology." How we helped Benenden Health improve their remote collaboration experience, creating well-designed spaces that are intuitive to use.


Sector: Health

Solutions: Microsoft Teams Rooms

Locations: York Key metrics: 3 Microsoft Teams Rooms (with more to follow)


The Challenge

Benenden Health had, a number of years ago, invested in its meeting spaces with the aim of improving the remote collaboration experience. However, it was not achieving the optimal hybrid experience; the kit which was in place was not straightforward or intuitive to use, and the layout of the spaces didn’t enhance the meeting experience.  


The large meeting room space was particularly problematic; its size was impacting on the quality the audio and, due to the length of the room, remote attendees didn’t feel fully involved in meetings.


Purify worked with Benenden Health to conduct a survey of the spaces where 360º images of the rooms were captured. These 360º images allowed the Purify team to discuss requirements and options in detail in the subsequent design workshop with Benenden Health. The workshop was complemented by a demonstration of the various options for Microsoft Teams Room equipment, allowing the Benenden Health team to get a sense of the art of the possible and to experience the new technology .

We developed one of the smaller meeting rooms first as a ‘proof of concept’. As well as kitting out the room with new Yealink MVC400 equipment and dual screen, Purify and Benenden Health also worked to completely reconfigure the room, integrating furniture which contributed to a more collaborative experience for both in-room and remote attendees.

The large meeting room space involved working with Benenden Health’s facilities team to move a door to allow for a dual screen setup to be installed. The Yealink MVC860 room kit was chosen for this space, along with three table microphones and a content capture camera that integrated with the dry whiteboard to share content on Teams meetings. To maximise Benenden Health’s investment, the in-ceiling speakers and amplifier were reused and integrated into the solution.

The Teams solution is now much more straightforward for in-room participants, with one-touch join via the Teams console ensuring that hybrid meetings are simple to initiate. The Yealink UVC86 presenter camera offers powerful presenter tracking, speaker tracking and auto-framing modes to ensure the remote attendees get the best experience in the meeting.


The package/solution

Currently 3 Microsoft Teams Rooms from Yealink on 1 site.

  • Survey

  • Design

  • Hardware

  • Implementation

  • Managed service

  • Customised, branded Meet app with 360 adoption content


"We had spoken to a number of partners over what must have been 6-12 months, trying to find a solution for our meeting room upgrades. Initially we looked into Microsoft Surface devices, but the more we investigated it, the more we discovered that, whilst it was great technology, it wasn't the right fit for what we were trying to achieve. Our partner, Phoenix Software, put us in touch with Purify who further recommended Yealink technology to us.


We met with the Purify team and we liked the way the team interacted and worked with us; the team were the right size,  had the right experience and it was the right technology recommendation. The Purify team combined with the Yealink kit seemed to just tick all the boxes and aligned with our strategy of consolidating down into Microsoft technologies where possible.

Purify organised a demo for us, which was really good: it allowed us to see it in the real world without having to invest in it, which for us was fantastic. We got to see what we were getting, and we got an overview of how it would work.


Purify then came to site and mapped out the rooms, analysed them, developed the designs, and presented them to us for discussion. This included recommendations about furniture layout, with a horseshoe design being recommended for one of the spaces. It was great: we knew exactly what we were purchasing and how the rooms would look.

When it came to install,  the team were on time, they were tidy, they were courteous and they did what they said they were going to do. They did it within the agreed timelines, and they went above and beyond to ensure the install was a success. From our point of view, it was one of the best projects we've been involved in.

In terms of our meeting rooms now, it's night and day in terms of the difference. We still have some rooms that run on our old technology and people always try to get into the new rooms that have been configured: you can always get a space in the old rooms, but you barely get a space in the new! This is an indicator of just how well the new rooms have been received. Employees are excited and proud to use the new technology and they look after them.

The horseshoe design that Purify came up with is also a big hit. People really like that the new design, rather than the traditional space we would have opted for,had we done this on our own. That’s where Purify’s experience comes in, showing us the art of the possible.


Finally, it’s worth commenting on how fair Purify’s pricing is: the kit and the service were excellent value.


We’re really looking forward to progressing with the upgrades of our remaining rooms with Purify."

- Chris Mullins - Head of IT, Benenden Health


Lady talking on headset using Purify Assist
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